Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to use a condom

  • First of all when you get the condom packet to your hand, don't be in mighty to rush to out it on you. Please avoid tearing it off with your mouth. You can careful tear it off with your finger

  • Once you place the condom, your penis should obviously be erected so that the condom can easily slide though.. Slowly roll it right down and hold it firmly to check if it has been worn tightly. 

  • Usually the condoms that are available fits in any type of penis but if you have an extra ordinary size, then the condom size is something you should be careful about. You cannot wear a lose condom which will just remove on its own during the inter course.

  • After the intercourse hold the penis tight and remove the condom. Make sure it goes to the dustbin because you should be wearing one condom only once..

  • If the condom breaks??? its a very are chance.. but if it removes and you have a feeling that sperm had the chance to be in contact with her vagina, its always best to use contraception. A pill should work.  but be careful of the number of hours within which the pill should be taken. the sooner the better!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to put a condom on !

Most of the men find it quite tricky to put a condom on. So don’t worry if you are one of them too..
Usually Condoms are lubricated inside and outside.. Be gentle with your condom hold it tight and role it onto your erected penis not forgetting your have put it the right way.